Off Road Gift Vouchers

All our Off Road Driving experiences can be brought as a gift voucher.
You can buy gift vouchers for our most popular experiences online from this page using Cheque, Paypal or by Credit/Debit card...

SPECIAL CREDIT CRUNCH busting offer! From now till the end of next year pay half now and half later, up to the day the activity is taken. You can do this online or by phone.

Which ever way you choose we will post the gift voucher the same day first class or if time is short we can send an e-voucher to your email address. There is no added cost for a gift voucher so you can also treat yourself with a voucher.
Don't forget that you can 'mix and match' and make up your own package for your perfect day's driving.
The gift voucher holder should contact us to book the session (date and time) when they want to use it.

Land Rover Off Road Sessions
Gift Vouchers to drive Land Rovers, with expert tuition, are arranged to match your skill level.
All sessions start at the driving skill level of the individual (including complete beginners) and goes as far as they want to take it.
Further details are on the 4x4 Driving page.

Each session includes a free place for a second person.
For the second or additional people, vouchers with the same serial number can be issued in each recipients name. Just make a note of this when you book.
Land Rover Introduction Session
approx. 1 hr. 30 mins.
One additional driver/passenger included; add more at checkout.
Price  : Number of Vouchers (=Vehicles)  
Land Rover Intermediate Session
approx. 2 hrs. 15 mins.
One additional driver/passenger included; add more at checkout.
Price  : Number of Vouchers (=Vehicles)  
Land Rover Half Day Session
approx. 3 hrs.
One additional driver/passenger included; add more at checkout.
Price  : Number of Vouchers (=Vehicles)  

Quad Sessions
Gift Vouchers to drive Drive the latest Honda Fourtrax Quads through stunning Perthshire scenery.
Miles of exciting trails with loch views and hills and valleys ideally suited to quads. Experience the 'Bowl' (fast and furious), the Blair Burn (wet), the Drovers Trail (challenging) and much more. How far and where you go depends on your experience and the session length.
Further details are on the Quads page.

1 hour session at £ :   Number of Vouchers  
1.5 hour session at £ : Number of Vouchers  

The Perthshire Off Road Challenge
'The Challenge' is five driving events put together as a package.
Land Rover Driving, Off Road Rally Karts, ATV, Quad Bikes and Reverse Steering Land Rover
Further details are on the The Challenge page.
You can do 'The Challenge' as an individual. Buy a voucher here (either as a gift or for yourself) and then contact us. We make up the groups.

A minimum of 8 weekends per year are set aside for 'The Challenge'
When you contact us to use the voucher we will discuss which date would suit you.
Price  per person with discounts for more people, see the discounts in the basket :   Number of people (more than 10 please phone) 

Other Off Road vehicles are available
These cannot be purchased as a separate gift voucher but can be added to other vouchers.
We can make a mix Karts and Land Rover driving to suit you,
however you may find it more convenient, and economical, to get a voucher for the "Perthshire Off Road Challenge" above.

Booking information
You can book a session by phone. Call us on 01738851185.
Payment can be by credit/debit card or a cheque. Please make cheques payable to "Perthshire Off Road", and send to the address on the Contact Us page. Please include the recipients name and the address to which the voucher should be sent.
All Gift Vouchers are serial numbered and can be ordered by phone as well as through this page and sent out immediately.

We can be very flexible with the arrangements so please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Gift Voucher Refund Policy.

You can claim a refund up to 7 days after placing an order with Perthshire Off Road Driving Centre. Refunds can only be made to the purchaser. Refunds will not be made to the recipient (user) or any third party. The request for a refund must be made in writing within seven calendar days and delivered or sent to our offices (email is acceptable). However if you prefer another activity listed on our website the value of your unused voucher can be used towards the purchase this activity.

Perthshire Off Road is a member of the Perthshire Tourist Board and an active participant in the Perthshire Tourist Board Activity Holidays Programme.